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Great app!

So nice to find businesses that are friendly!

Nice app!

Very useful app for us gays on the go. I do have a few constructive criticims. It needs to include more info about the bars, clubs, events, businesses, services, etc. in their descriptions. What kind of crowd, type of music, operating hours, etc. This may sound a little harsh, but the app looks and feels a little amateurish. Not a bad thing, but a nice, elegant look, feel and navigation would make me want to use it more. Consider finding a designer. Take a peak at some of the other iPhone apps out there for inspiration. Otherwise, nice job and looking forward to future updates.

Finally!!!! :)!

Thank you thank you thank you! This is a fantastic start, and finally - so nice to have a reasonably comprehensive directory. Most of the bars in my city are only listed as restaurants though ... Is there a feature that allows users to add, move and/ or update listings? An expanded nightlife section, and the ability to add user feedback like Yelp and Gaycities would make this the top app hands down. I truly hope this gets lots and lots of regular updates!

Think Twice.....

This App is very Basic. Im Disappointed with its Features; its not up to date with local information.

Nice idea

Nice idea and layout... But they fell short on a very limited and outdated database of misinformation.



Need a refund!

This is crazy, $2.99 for a beta and then in Dallas it doesnt find any gay clubs for me except in Oklahoma? Crazy.

Dont Buy

This app is not worth the money, its completely outta date with information and it doesnt even pull up for Phoenix AZ, it goes to Las Vegas. I how Apple is letting this app still be on here is amazing. There customer service is lousy, I sent them a question asking why is this so outta date and theyve never responded.

Not even close to good coverage

You would think that at least sf or ny would be well covered. Theyre not. I flushed 3 bucks.

Good idea, poor execution

There are no ratings or descriptions at all so Yelp is ultimately more useful. Hopefully theyll improve it soon.

Wont download

The app will not download to my touch. Ive been charged the 2.99, but cant get the app to load. Still trying to figure out how to get a refund. Dont purchase. You cant be sure it will download.

Waste of Money!

This app could be helpfull and entertaining, but it needs to be upgrade.

On the money!

Exactly what the LGBT community needs! Im glad I actually contributed to a charity with part of this purchase. I think other apps need to follow suit and get with the program of incorporating charity.

Need more listing and better categories

When I look up under the "eat" section, bars and clubs pop in this category. It makes it hard to differentiate a restaurant and a bar. Coffee shops/ cafe needs to have its own category. The listing is also way too limited. I was expecting more from this app.

Discreet Version?

Im glad to have found this app. But Im not completely out and sometimes I allow co-workers or friends use my phone for work purposes or some other situations. I would like it even better if the apps logo and title was more discreet.

Best App out there for Gay Community

This is the best app out to find out whats going on in the LGBT community, easy to use and definitely helpful! Cant wait for the next version to come out.


Most of the things on here arent even gay? What gives? I wouldnt have bought this one...

Becoming dumber and more useless with eac update

See above

Best App.

The best app I have ever purchased.useful, inteligent, suggest to everyone. love you my gay go.


Rockstar, youre really rather pathetic if you need to buy an app just so you can be a hypocrite. Remember, the bible says not to judge. <3

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